Drone inspection and survey of water infrastructure for digital engineering

Diospatial reality capture and digital engineering solutions are innovating the way the water sector monitors and maintains its large and critical infrastructure assets. With specialist project experience and several industry firsts to our name, Diospatial’s team has successfully delivered innovations to water infrastructure throughout NSW, Victoria and Queensland. Leveraging drone technology, reality capture and remote sensing, our in-house engineering and geospatial experts reduce uncertainty and replace assumptions with facts over large, remote, confined and and difficult to access areas.

SERVICES we provide

Diospatial has worked closely with major water operators and engineering firms across a range of project and specialist service areas including:

  • Digital defect mapping of concrete faced rock fill embankment dams
  • Digital defect mapping of concrete spillway structures
  • Aerial survey and monitoring of embankment structures
  • High resolution LiDAR and photogrammetry survey of weirs and spillways for hydraulic modelling
  • Reality Capture and Survey of dams for modelling, design and geotechnical assessment
  • Dilapidation survey and inspection of pipelines for pre/post construction
  • Geospatial analysis and volume estimation for asbestos containing material (ACM) removal
  • Geological mapping and geotechnical assessment of rock exposures
  • Close Visual Inspection for condition assessment of water infrastructure, including pipelines and bridges