Drone LiDAR Survey & Photogrammetry

Diospatial’s industry leading drone LiDAR survey and photogrammetry modelling capabilities provide engineers and asset owners with accurate survey and rich visualisation of site conditions. We leverage the relative strengths of each technology to create immersive digital survey and inspection solutions.

We work with your team to understand the specific application and then develop the most effective methodology – whether that is drone LiDAR, photogrammetry, laser scanning, or a combination of all.

The outputs can be exploited in any number of spatial and CAD applications, and most commonly form the basis of a scan-to-CAD or scan-to-BIM workflow.

drone lidar survey topographic model
Drone LiDAR survey penetrates vegetation to provide a reliable topographic survey, which can then be used to extract topographic data like elevation contours and rudimentary watershed analysis.
drone photogrammetry 3d model
Drone photogrammetry modelling captures the condition of the site to provide a rich visualisation of the conditions.


drone lidar survey

Our team is known for delivering the highest quality data and customer service in the industry. A relentless focus on quality control ensures we consistently meet or exceed project specifications. We understand client satisfaction requires client success, and our outcome-driven approach starts at scope development. We work with your team to ensure survey specifications and outputs are optimised to meet downstream user requirements and our support continues beyond delivery to ensure maximum utilisation of the data outputs.






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