Aerial inspection of high voltage feeders for the energy sector

Leveraging a range of reality capture and remote sensing technologies, Diospatial’s team has successfully delivered a range of inspection and survey projects to the energy sector. This includes drone-based aerial patrol of HV feeders, pole top inspections and LiDAR-based vegetation analysis.

Our reality capture and digital engineering solutions enable energy owners and operators to:

  • Improve the safety of asset inspections
  • Enable remote inspection therefore reducing personnel on-site
  • Provide access to hazardous and hard to reach locations in a safe manner
  • Provide a more complete picture of asset condition and context

Diospatial has worked closely within the energy sector to deliver innovative services and projects, including:

  • Aerial scoping of high voltage feeders in low access high risk easements
  • LiDAR vegetation analysis and algorithm development for various asset classes and defect categories
  • High Risk Tree and Fall-in potential mapping for HV and pipeline corridors
  • Pole Top and Transmission Tower Close Visual Inspection
  • Reality Modelling (photogrammetry and laser scanning) of substations and electrical infrastructure
  • High resolution aerial survey and mapping in support of REF, EIS, and SIS
  • Precision aerial survey for change detection, displacement monitoring and design planning
  • 3D modelling for remote inspection, modelling and site visualisation