digital engineering services include reality capture derived from laser scanning

reality Capture

The first stage of a digital engineering services workflow—bringing the real world to your desk. Diospatial leverages a range of capture technologies to create the most effective and compelling reality capture services for the AEC sector. Reducing uncertainty, replacing assumptions with facts and mitigating risk at all stages of the project lifecycle.

reality capture services for digital engineering using drone based aerial lidar and photogrammetry


Precision aerial sensing technology for the most accurate, detailed and precise capture of large and elevated environments. Diospatial’s LiDAR and photogrammetry solutions are the pinnacle of our reality capture services, consistently delivering industry leading quality and insight for digital engineering of Australia’s critical infrastructure.

reality capture services for digital engineering include laser scanning and survey of rail corridor


Ground based survey and laser scanning for the most precise and detailed capture of complex structures and indoor environments. Diospatial utilises the latest laser scanning technology to deliver the highest quality survey and scanning solutions to the AEC sector.

digital engineering services include digital inspection of dam spillway using 3D modelling


Outcome-driven reality capture services which combine drone inspection, thermal imaging, 3D modelling, and machine learning to deliver comprehensive asset inspection and defect mapping solutions. From close visual inspection of bridges to defect mapping of spillways, our engineers deliver the facts and information needed to inform your condition assessment.

geospatial data of coastline for change detection analysis


Industry leading geospatial outputs and analysis to better meet your project objectives. Our geospatial engineers and technicians provide analysis and processing of point clouds, DEMs and imagery sources to derive any number of outputs including change detection, vegetation encroachments, watershed analysis, clearance analysis, and feature extraction.

cad & Revit

An extension of our digital engineering services – expert modellers and rigorous quality control for industry leading scan-to-CAD and scan-to-Revit solutions. We understand the point cloud is often only the starting point and can develop a range of suitable outputs and formats from basic CAD modelling of weirs to LOD300 modelling of bridges.