Terrestrial Laser Scanning Rail Platform TLS

Since day one, Diospatial has worked with the rail sector to integrate reality capture and digital engineering into the asset maintenance and management of infrastructure. This has enabled asset owners and operators to reduce reliance on rail possessions, increase the data available to engineers, and provide access to difficult and hazardous locations. As a result, this is improving safety and reducing risk across multiple aspects of network operations.

The Diospatial team has extensive experience working in the rail corridor, with all personnel holding Rail Industry Worker (RIW) certification, with further local certifications including Assess Corridor Safety and SARC (Safely Access Rail Corridor).


Our team provided the first drone based inspections and surveys to Sydney Trains, Sydney Light Rail, and Metro Trains Melbourne. This included the development of procedures for Drone Operations Over Live Corridors. In collaboration with major industry operators, Diospatial has led multiple projects and accelerated the wide spread adoption of drone based reality capture, geospatial and digital engineering, including:

  • Close visual inspection of HV Feeders and OHL
  • Inspection and monitoring of vegetation encroachment
  • Inspection of infrastructure including bridges, OHWS, OHL, tunnels, cuttings and embankments
  • Survey and inspection of geotechnical risk sites for design and construction planning
  • Reality capture and Digital Twin development
Terrestrial Laser Scanning point cloud rail platform