Drone based survey and reality capture of road infrastructure

With over 900,000km of roads to manage in Australia, reality capture and digital engineering is becoming integral in the maintenance of road infrastructure and surrounding landscapes. Leveraging drone technology, reality capture and digital engineering, Diospatial is innovating the way infrastructure is monitored, assessed and managed. Diospatial’s team has industry leading experience working to deliver reality capture and spatial projects to Transport for NSW (formerly Roads and Maritime Services), VicRoads, and Department of Transport and Main Roads.

This is enabling asset managers to:

  • Reduce the reliance on road occupancy and traffic control, therefore reducing disruption to road users and reducing people on site
  • Access elevated difficult to reach locations in a safe manner
  • Capture the real world, enabling engineers to replace assumptions with facts for better estimating, programming and delivering, ultimately improving project costs and timelines
  • Carry out remote inspections, enabling stakeholder collaboration off-site
  • Leverage single data captures to be used for multiple purposes, achieving economies of scale

In collaboration with some of Australia’s major road operators, Diospatial has delivered multiple projects and services to the road sector, including:

  • Drone Operations in-line with TfNSW / RMS Technical Directions and G73 specifications
  • Inspection and Survey in support of Slope Risk Assessments
  • LiDAR and Detail Survey across major road arterials throughout Victoria, NSW and Queensland
  • Close Visual Inspection of Motorway assets including bridges, tunnels, and cut and cover structures
  • Coordination and development of traffic control plans for drone operations over and around live road corridors
  • Laser Scanning and Modelling of bridges and culverts for load rating analysis
Diodrone's road sector clients