Laser Scanning and Inspection of Rooftop Plant Room

Laser Scanning and drone inspection for condition assessment and Survey of NSW Parliament House for design of new waterproofing membrane


The waterproofing membrane on the roof of NSW Parliament House was due for replacement and maintenance. The roof of the building was the designated plant room and so housed piping, HVAC, electrical  and other equipment supporting the functioning of the building. The existing waterproofing membrane of the roof was designed to suit the layout of the plant room equipment.

As part of the replacement and maintenance process, a detailed reality capture of the current condition of the waterproofing membrane was required to aid in scoping, as well as provide an accurate floor plan of the roof to facilitate the design of the new waterproofing membrane to allow for the plant room equipment and layout.

Terrestrial Laser Scanning
Terrestrial Laser Scanning
Drone Inspection of Facade
Drone Inspection of Facade
Point Cloud and High Res Imagery
Point Cloud and High Res Imagery



Diodrone was commissioned to capture high resolution imagery for virtual inspection and a highly accurate map of the roof and plant room.

Terrestrial Laser Scanning produced a highly detailed and accurate floor plan of the plant room for design purposes.

High resolution imagery was captured of the external areas of the building, including the rooftop and building façade, using a small multirotor drone. This was then processed using photogrammetry software and delivered as an orthomosaic to provide one complete picture of the façade in inaccessible areas.

Terrestrial laser scanning was used to survey the roof top and plant room equipment, where on-foot access was readily available. This produced a highly accurate point cloud of the roof top, including all piping, electrical and other equipment, enabling an accurate floor plan of the existing waterproofing membrane to be created.

Diodrone captured the data over 2 days on site and completed drone operations over the high security building of NSW Parliament House in the busy Sydney CBD.

Terrestrial Laser Scanning derived point cloud of NSW Parliament House plant room
A highly detailed point cloud was produced using Terrestrial Laser Scanning to enable the development of an accurate floor plan of the roof top to aid in the design of a new waterproofing membrane.
High resolution imagery for remote close visual inspection of plant room equipment
High resolution imagery enabled condition assessment of the roof top and plant room equipment to be conducted remotely.