Diodrone presents at ANCOLD 2020 Online

January 14, 2021

In October 2020, Diodrone presented at ANCOLD 2020 Online. Our paper titled, a novel approach to defect mapping and condition monitoring of large dams using drones and digital engineering presented the approach of using drones for dam condition monitoring and defect mapping. It was based on a pilot project led by Diodrone to test the use of drones in identifying and mapping defects in spillways and assessing the feasibility of aerial drone survey for deformation monitoring of embankments.

The paper presents the considerations and limitations of the solution, and overall found that the use of drone based capture proved to be an effective technique for rapidly capturing site conditions at a high level of detail, delivering data outputs that were superior to conventional ground-based means alone. The data helped to reduce uncertainty and provided access to areas that would largely remain un-surveyed. Current accuracy limitations means the drone survey technique alone is not suitable for displacement monitoring, however it provides a geospatial record for ongoing dam condition monitoring that is accessible across stakeholders and as an initial data set that can be used throughout the asset’s lifecycle.

Check out the paper presentation here.

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