Reality Capture for Motorway Bridge Inspections

Close visual inspection and 3D reality model of 40no. spans of Dual Carriageway motorway bridges In Sydney


The main arterial motorway linking south western Sydney with the CBD, includes several bridges crossing various creeks and rivers. Working with the asset managers at Interlink Roads, material scientists and structural engineers, Diodrone was contracted to provide a detailed reality capture of the twin bridges over Salt Pan Creek and the bridge over George’s River for bridge inspection.

Inspection of the bridges, totaling more than 40 individual spans, usually requires a team of engineers on many night shifts with underdeck units, working at heights access equipment and extensive motorway closures.

Project Scope
Remote Sensing Technologies
Remote Sensing Technologies
Digital Inspection
Digital Inspection
Reality Model
Reality Model
Close visual bridge inspection of headstock, bearing and girder
Headstock, bearing and girder inspections over the George’s River Bridge—within the 5.5km exclusion zone for Bankstown Airport and requiring CASA approval.



In consultation with the assessing engineers, Diodrone developed a data capture methodology to provide a visual inspection data set encompassing all underdeck areas including piers, bearings, headstocks and the like.

Using a combination of remote sensing techniques, imagery and inspection footage was captured by a team of two personnel over a total of 6 days onsite.

Diodrone’s solution provided a 5x saving on Under Bridge Inspection Units, night shift works and traffic control.

The detailed inspection data set enabled the assessing engineers to conduct the bulk of their inspections in a digital environment, away from the hazards and access difficulties of the physical asset location and with zero disruption to the motorway operation.

The innovative approach to the bridge inspection resulted in a 500% reduction in working at heights, traffic control and night shifts, while improving quality and safety over the conventional methodology.

High resolution imagery enabled bridge inspection of underdeck areas
High resolution imagery and 360 degree gimbal directional camera enables inspection of underdeck areas, including scuppers, deck and bearings.