Aerial Scoping and Inspection of HV Feeders

October 20, 2020

Drone based aerial scoping of HV Feeders throughout low access-high risk areas to the north of sydney


Diodrone was commissioned to conduct drone aerial patrols over more than 200km of the Sydney Trains’ High Voltage feeder network.

The aerial patrol was designed to provide aerial scoping and remote visualisation of the HV feeders alignment, pole locations and any other assets within the easement which may affect access and maintenance works.

Fly-overs were required before and after bush-fire season to assist with scoping of vegetation management works and then verification of their completion.

Aerial Scoping
Aerial Scoping
Asset Identification and Mapping
Asset Identification and Mapping
Integrated with existing client GIS
Integrated with existing client GIS

Diodrone CASA certified and rail qualified remote pilots flew a small multirotor drone along the length of each feeder, capturing high resolution video from 10-20m above the pole tops.

During post-processing of the video files, pole numbers, culverts and other assets of interest were marked in the video by cross referencing the Sydney Trains GIS. For each feeder, a single video was produced which included a high-resolution aerial flyover from the sub-station to sub-station.

The ACS qualified personnel and drone-based methodology allowed for very high detail aerial scoping to cover low access areas and over the rail corridor without the need for protection officers, rail possessions, and without placing personnel inside the danger zone or at risk on slopes and remote bushland.

The use of a drones allowed for aerial scoping of HV feeders to be conducted lower and to a much higher level of detail than is possible from helicopter based scoping, while also being delivered on a much shorter turnaround.

Asset identification and mapping from aerial scoping of HV feeders
Client provided data is used to overlay asset identification in the aerial patrol video. Information is customizable to meet client requirements.
Snapshot of video imagery produced from aerial scoping of HV feeders, including important information such as feeder number, pole number and over head wiring structures.
Screen shot from aerial patrol fly over video. Information such as feeder number, pole number, over head wiring structures and any other requested information can be overlaid on the video.