Important Announcement – We Have Changed Our Name

April 20, 2021


In 2015, Diodrone was founded on a vision to innovate infrastructure through unmanned aerial solutions – or better known as drones. Since then, we have done just that…and a whole lot more.

We quickly realised that the most compelling value proposition, or industry need, is more in the data rather than specifically in the operation of a ‘drone’.

And so, as Diodrone grew into a leading team of specialist engineers and surveyors, our vision and our ambition evolved too. The name Diodrone served us well but we are so much more than a ‘drone company’.


The new name, Diospatial, captures more accurately the extent of our services, capabilities and ambitions. More than a drone company, we’re specialists in the capture, delivery and analysis of digital spatial data. Be that for inspection of a bridge, monitoring of an embankment, or 3D modelling of an apartment building.

Diospatial provides AEC professionals with the most effective and compelling spatial solutions for the built and natural environments. We help to replace assumptions with facts – reducing risks across all stages of the asset lifecycle.

We utilise aerial LiDAR, photogrammetry, laser scanning, and surveying to deliver the most effective geospatial, visualisation, CAD, BIM, and inspection solutions.

Our purpose is to replace assumptions with facts – reducing risk across all stages of the asset lifecycle.

Our vision is to be the preferred reality capture partner to the AEC industry. Through leveraging our capabilities and expertise in executing reality capture solutions, our clients are able to focus their efforts on leveraging digital engineering to maximise the value of their expertise.

Our mission is to provide the most effective and compelling LiDAR, photogrammetry and laser scanning services to the architecture, engineering and construction industry.