Photogrammetry and Imaging derived 3D Model for Spillway Bridge Inspection

Close visual inspection and 3D modelling of Spillway Bridge


In early 2017, Diodrone was engaged by an engineering consultant to demonstrate the potential for drone-based spillway bridge inspection to support bridge condition assessment. The consultant, BG&E, was tendering on a package of works and sought to demonstrate the effectiveness and feasibility of drone based inspections for bridge structures.

Project Scope
Drone based
Drone based
Close Visual Inspection
Close Visual Inspection
Photogrammetry Modelling
Photogrammetry Modelling
Photogrammetry derived 3D model for spillway bridge inspection and bridge condition assessment
Photogrammetry data capture proved an effective means of rapidly capture a relatively accurate bridge geometry and structural layout for use in load rating assessments and other structural analyses.

Diodrone mobilised an inspection crew to the Spillway Bridge to capture a sample inspection data set of several underdeck elements and to capture a photogrammetry data set for demonstration of 3D modelling.

Drone inspection with rapid data capture onsite and post-review offsite offers significant optimisation to bridge inspections.

Careful manoeuvring of the specialist UAV, in conjunction with the telephoto zoom lens, allowed for an incredibly detailed inspection view of the underdeck area – otherwise only accessible to rope access technicians or underdeck inspection units.

The data set, more detailed and extensive than that captured via conventional methods, was then processed into a virtual reality 3D model with high resolution point cloud and photorealistic textured mesh – providing a scale accurate 3D model and digital twin of the bridge structure.

Close visual inspection data from spillway bridge inspection
Close visual inspection was achieved using a zoom lens camera to capture millimeter detail of defects while maintaining a safe operating distance.