LiDAR Survey of Historic Mining Area

Drone-LiDAR Survey to develop a High resolution terrain model of historical mining leases in the historic Hill EnD Gold Mining area


The holder of a historical mining lease was required to development a sediment and erosion control plan as part of their ongoing care and maintenance obligations. Additionally, throughout the survey area a large number of historical mining shafts were known to exist but many of which had not been formally mapped or identified on lease plans.

The areas of the mining lease requiring survey and mapping included rugged terrain with extremely difficult foot/vehicle access in addition to extensive thickets of blackberry bushes and vegetation.

Drone-LiDAR and Photogrammetry
Drone-LiDAR and Photogrammetry
Shaft Mapping
Shaft Mapping
Topographic Survey
Topographic Survey

Diodrone developed digital twin solution using drone-LiDAR and photogrammetry to develop a rich visualisation of the legacy site features including waste dumps, stockpiles, tailing dams, and access tracks.

Drone LiDAR was leveraged for it’s ability to penetrate vegetation and provide more reliable terrain modelling.

Drone-LiDAR was able to penetrate vegetation cover and provide information on historical shaft locations and surface drainage paths.

The combined geospatial and 3D modelling outputs were delivered via a web-hosted 3D GIS such that the lease owner and stakeholders had an easily accessible digital twin of the site from which various site assessments and inspections could be carried out in a virtual environment with less reliance on in-field inspections and accessing of difficult/dangerous terrain.

Photogrammetry model of historical mining area for identification of open shafts and maintenance planning
Combined LiDAR and Photogrammetry survey over the areas within the historical mining lease provided a high resolution terrain model which could be used for ongoing care and maintenance planning and identification of historical open shafts scattered throughout the vegetated and difficult access terrain.
Point cloud and DTM from LiDAR survey of mining area to identify mine shafts in hillside
A cross section of the LiDAR point cloud and LiDAR derived DTM showing a previously unidentified legacy mine shaft evident in the hillside beneath tree cover.
Orthophoto from Lidar survey of mining area for site visualisation
Aerial Orthophoto and Photogrammetry developed 3D model for visualisation of site conditions and inspection of non-vegetated areas. Captured and processed at 2.5cm per pixel allowing for close visual inspection of the survey area.
Lidar survey derived digital terrain model of mining area for use in watershed analysis and identification of mine shafts
LiDAR derived Digital Terrain Model (DTM) for use in watershed analysis and legacy mine shaft/workings feature identification and mapping.
Elevation contours and feature extraction from Lidar survey of mining area
LiDAR derived elevation contours and extracted ground features.
Rudimentary watershed analysis from Lidar survey of mining area for indication of surface drainage networks to inform erosion control plans
Rudimentary watershed analysis for indication of surface drainage networks to inform sediment and erosion control planning.